Thronehammer (DE)


THRONEHAMMER unites United Kingdom and German musicians Kat Shevil Gillham, Stuart West and Tim Schmidt. Usurper of the oaken throne“ ,"Incantation Rites" and "Kingslayer" born of this union of notable extreme music perpetrators, rending two Albums of purely epic metal, bridging low-end heaviness with melodic destruction. They’re a powerful storm of aggression, gaining more and more momentum with true, honest spirit. „Usurper of the oaken throne“, "Incantation Rites" and "Kingslayer" has taken Thronehammer's classic Candlemass-meets-Bathory-meets-Warhorse sound to new places. A return to the eve of all that’s heavy & punishing & epic!
Epic doom at its bleakest! We come to slay!