Desert Dollars

The currency at the Festival will be "Desert Dollars".
One Desert Dollar is equal in value to One Euro.
All drinks and food inside the festival will be paid with it.
You can get your Desert Dollars at the Drink/Ticket Booth inside the arena venue.

Cup deposits

There are no cup deposits charged.
Together with your first drink you buy a limited Desertfest cup which you will get exchanged to new ones all the time.


Please make sure to put waste into the displayed trash cans whatever you want to throw away!
Please do not throw anything in the river, even cigarettes butts : Mother nature will thank you.


The nearest pharmacy is 300 meters walk away at Schlesische Strasse 37.


A cloakroom is available inside the venue.
Please make sure to pick up your belonging after the last band is done playing as the venue will be closed and cleared afterwards.
Earplugs/noise protection.
The sound volume of the shows may pose a risk of damage to hearing and/or health. We recommend that earplugs are used and these can be provided at the info point/wristband exchange and at the Cloakroom.


Taking pictures for private use is generally permitted : but only small difital cameras, analogue cameras and mobile phones with a camera function are allowed on the premises.
Prohibited equipment includes cameras with zoom lenses or a video function, as well as sound recording devices (MP3 / MP4 recorders, voice recorders, etc.) of any kind. As a basic rule, all recordings are prohibited, except for accredited press people who got the explicit permission of the artists and festival promoter.

Locker Boxes

We do have a limited amout of locker facilities at the event, but please leave valuables at home.
Please bring only what you really need on the festival site. This also helps to reduce the waiting at the entrance with security checks.


The nearest ATM is available 100m walking distance from the ARENA near the entrance to "Festsaal Kreuzberg".

USB Charger

We do have some limited USB Charger possibilities at the cloakroom available for you, should you wish to charge your phone or other devices.